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Five Reasons why Buying Land in Arkansas Earns Excellent Returns 

Are you looking to invest in land?  If so, you've already made a great decision and what you're about to read is only going to confirm that for you.  If you are looking to invest in real estate and just trying to figure out where the best  investment returns are coming from this year, what you're about to read could help tremendously. 

As anyone in real estate investment knows, the name of the game is ROI, or return on investment.  Whether you're looking to let the property accrue value on its own while waiting out the rise in property and timber prices that is currently taking place, or if you want to monetize the acreage through building or industry, receiving the biggest return on your initial investment is what it's all about. 

Here are the five biggest reasons that your ROI is going to be bigger and better when you invest in real estate. Timberland gives you a great way to make a profit through the simple growth of the timber that is present or the growth of trees you plant. 


The timberland section of Arkansas is fertile with sandy soils and a warm climate that is conducive to growing pine and hardwood timber.  These trees are big money in the timber industry, giving owners a way to create excellent returns by waiting for it to naturally grow and increase in value.  When done properly, cutting some timber will provide you with an economically feasible way to make some extra income as your asset naturally appreciates in value due to the current upswing of the economy. 

 Farm land provides excellent opportunities for investors to make a sustainable income.  Farming  gives owners an excellent way to make a living off the acreage.  Whether you're raising produce or livestock, farm land here is fertile and versatile, enjoying a very warm and wet climate. 

Hunting land gives owners tons of options from an extremely viable industry.  Whether you're looking to own your own hunting acreage or lease it out to hunters looking for a private place to practice their sport, there's no better place now than in South Arkansas.  Recent re-population and recovery efforts made by Wildlife and Fisheries have made the state a huge market for big and small game hunting.  The price of ammunition and hunting licensing has gone up exhibiting how strong the economy and industry is for hunting.  There is plenty of money to be made by buying hunting properties that provides an almost guaranteed excellent return on your initial investment.  Plus, most hunting expeditions stem from the tourists, meaning that you'll be able to virtually set your own prices and provide your own experiences, offering you yet another way to stand out in the crowd and develop excellent returns on your property. 

Recovering economy provides landowners unique situations of economic growth and future protection.  It's no secret that the economy is recovering, but what you might not know is that it is doing so at a fast rate in Arkansas.  This means that not only will your returns be greater from real property, they will be more protected as they grow.  That's something you just cannot say about other investments.  







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